Saturday, March 19, 2022

Tony Cornero and the Stardust

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While many architecture academics have criticized Las Vegas for its lack of substance, there may be no better example of this elitism than the scorn directed towards the Stardust.  For better or worse, history points to the Stardust as the defining moment when Las Vegas no longer required a jacket and tie to gain entrance to.  Instead of celebrating the brilliance in the Stardust’s minimalism, it was trashed for focusing more on the exterior signage and façade, wrapped around a building that was little more than a massive, non-descript warehouse.  Whether inadvertent or by intention, it seems each time Vegas has successfully evolved to appeal to more diverse tastes, that success is met with opposition; Slut Shaming those who dare to find things appealing like neon signage, themed resorts or anything deemed inferior to "intellectual" tastes.  But the glory that is Las Vegas is knowing that judging people for what appeals to them has never made converts, it alienates; even if supplying that demand is more financially motivated than cultural.  When the majority doesn't see things the way you'd like them to, that doesn't mean they're wrong, it means you don't get it.  The Stardust got it, in a big way. 

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