Saturday, September 21, 2013

E Parry Thomas

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The man who helped Las Vegas develop into the #1 tourist destination in the world wasn’t a casino owner, a performer, a dealer or an architect.  He didn’t create the Neon Signs, develop any casino standard practices or build any of its properties.  However, without E Parry Thomas, virtually none of the aforementioned would exist.  An argument can be made that no single individual has done more to direct the growth and development of Las Vegas in the last half century than E Parry Thomas.  

Business Week once wrote that “Frank Sinatra Gives Las Vegas It’s Glitter, Parry Thomas gives it its gold.   In a city known for it’s neon lights, flamboyant owners and epic mega resorts, the man who helped make it all happen is virtually unknown to the 39 million people that visit it annually, and that’s the way Parry likes it.

If you are interested in learning more about E. Parry Thomas, check out the book "Quite Kingmaker" by Jack Sheehan